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Hybrid test with SNPs – Comming soon!

The hybrid test is based on 117 SNPs, which are evenly distributed on all honeybee chromosomes. These SNPs were specifially chosen to their maximal differences between the Mellifera and Carnica/Ligustica groups. Therefore, it is possible to detect hybridization between the M and C groups reliably and acurately. The test was validated in a scientific study with numerous samples from all over Europe, including 87 samples from Switzerland. 

Price list

Sampling tubesfree
Hybrid testCHF 115.-
DNA isolationCHF 24.20
Genotype (microsatellite)CHF 29.10
Genotype (SNP)comming soon
Hybrid test analysisCH 61.70
mtDNA lineageCHF 99.80
DNA isolationCHF 24.20
SequencingCHF 37.50
mtDNA typingCHF 38.10
Maternity test
(with pre-existing genotypes)
CHF 15.00

It is possible to test individual drones, single bees as well as a drone mixed sample (30 drone antennae or larvae). A single drone covers half the genetics of the queen, while a single bee additionally tests a patriline. With the mixed drone sample, the whole queen is tested.